Cyber Security Conference Midnight Sun CTF 2021

The objective of the conference is to bring together decision makers, policy makers and technical experts from government, academia and industry to meet and bridge critical gaps in knowledge and mutual understanding for key cyber security topics.

17:e september 2021, kl 09:00-16:00

Posthuset, Vasagatan 28, Stockholm

The objective with the hacking contest, Midnight Sun CTF is to, attract, identify and educate the future talents in cybersecurity in order to meet the future demand of specialists in this area and thereby enable a secure digitalization of our society.

Sweden has the objective to be the leading country in digitalization. An extract from the Swedish government's digitalization strategy:

”Strategin anger inriktningen för regeringens digitaliseringspolitik. Visionen är ett hållbart digitaliserat Sverige. Det övergripande målet är att Sverige ska vara bäst i världen på att använda digitaliseringens möjligheter. Digitalt kompetenta och trygga människor har möjlighet att driva innovation där målmedveten ledning och infrastruktur är viktiga förutsättningar.”

This ambitious objective requires an engagement from the whole society in order to be successful. As digitalization goes hand in hand with the cybersecurity challenges, we try to create a platform where decision makers, policy makers and technical experts from government, academia and industry can meet and discuss these challenges.

By hosting a hacking contest that attracts the best hacking teams in the world we hope to increase interest in the domain and support development in cybersecurity.

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